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About ATM Solutions - the ATM Company

We have deployed and operate over 5000 retail ATMs, across Southern Africa. Our company has developed a solution that satisfies the needs of banks, retailers and consumers for convenient, in-store and bank branch ATMs.

We are passionate about providing people with easy access to cash, even in the most remote areas. Evidence of this is the fact that 40-50% of our ATMs are in rural areas.

We use wireless communication because it reduces costs, increases speed of installation and improves access to remote areas. Through our extensive footprint, scale and countrywide infrastructure, this means more effective penetration of previously under-served and underdeveloped markets.

We also run one of the largest third-party transaction switches in Africa. This enables connectivity to a wide range of banking partners and card associations and opens up opportunities for value-added transactions, such as prepaid airtime and electricity.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities have enabled us to effectively operate ATMs in market segments that generate from a few hundred transactions to thousands of transactions per month.

Examples of the markets in which we operate include the corner convenience store, major retail outlets, the petroleum industry, healthcare and government sectors, transport nodes, the hospitality and banking industry, the entertainment sector and shopping centres.

We value service excellence, embrace innovation, but also focus on getting the best cost-effective technology across a diverse transaction and payment platform. We build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and service providers and implement best-of-breed solutions through the standards set by the major banks and associations who we are affiliated with.

Our ATM footprint

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Copyright 2015 ATM Solutions (Pty) Ltd